Bathroom Surface Solutions
  • Bathroom, bathtub refinishing
    Tubs, showers, sinks, tile, counter tops, and cabinets
    refinished to like new.
  • Bathtub refinish to like new
    Sparkling and pretty
    your bathtub reglazing is guaranteed for TEN years.
  • Shower and stall refinished
    Want a fresher shower?
    Resurfacing costs much less than buying a new one.
  • Bathtub reglazing, renovated bathroom
    It's time to take back your sanctuary.
    A refinished bath will let you finally use that tub.
  • Bathtub refinished to like new
    No matter how worn, Bathroom Surface Solutions
    has the means to renovate it.
  • Bathtub refinished and repaired
    Cracks and stains are no match
    for our space-age resurfacing process. We guarantee it.
  • Counter tops refinished
    Remodeling? Change your colors.
    Surface refinishing comes in many shades.
  • Using bathtub refinished and repaired
    Bring joy back
    into your bathroom with a like-new resurfaced bathtub.

Are you looking to
update your bathroom or kitchen?

Do you think that you need to replace that "old" bathtub, shower, sink, or counter-top? You might not need to. Most tubs, sinks and shower stalls were built to last. And, often a "worn-out," unloved tub is actually perfectly fine. It's just the surface that has been worn with age.

Bathroom Surface Solutions are experts in restoring damaged or hard-to-clean surfaces to like-new condition. We will
save you time & money.

Replacing a tub means days of work: removing the old tub, installing the new one, and fixing floors and walls. Re-glazing a tub restores it to like-new condition at a fraction of the cost and in only ONE-day.

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Bathroom Surface Solutions refinishes bathtubs, showers, tile, sinks, counter-top & cabinets. We have 30-years of professional experience. We only use top-of-the-line materials and deliver the highest quality workmanship. Oregon service includes: Portland, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Gresham, Oregon City, Clackamas, Wilsonville, Lake Oswego, West Linn, Sandy, Tigard, Salem, Keiser, Eugene, Springfield, Corvallis, and Albany.

10 year

Bath Surface Solutions
delivers more for less

Does your Fiberglas or acrylic tub or shower have cracks, scratches or a weak bottom? Are there chips in your tile or porcelain tub? No matter how hard you try, is it impossible to get that old tub looking clean?

You do not have to live with cracks, chips, scratches, tile damage or weak-bottoms in your tubs, showers or stalls. Over the last 30-years, our family has perfected our methods of revitalizing any porcelain or acrylic tubs, as well as bathroom sinks, kitchen tiles, vanity tops, kitchen counter tops and more. We restore them to like-new condition.

To refinish your bathtub, Bathroom Surface Solutions uses the highest-quality materials available. After preparing the surface with an acid wash and removing the caulking and any soap scum, we carefully mask the bathroom to protect it from over-spray. We apply 4-coats of a high-build, high-bond, epoxy, ultra-grip primer. Next, we tack the tub to remove any dust that may have landed on the material. Then, we apply the topcoat! This material is an acrylic urethane with a built-in clear coat. Five-coats of this material ensure a beautiful, durable, long-lasting bathtub surface.

All of our work is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee and 10-year warranty! Bathroom Surface Solutions is licensed, bonded and insured. We have thousands of satisfied customers.

Ready for a new look?
You can have new color, too. We are able to give your bathroom or kitchen a whole new look by changing the color of your old, outdated tiles and counters. See colors available.

For more information, contact us online or call.....We look forward to hearing from You!

glowing reviews

We strive to earn five- out of five-stars with every customer and every project. This is what people are saying:

"Happy as can be! I was very impressed with Bathroom Surface Solutions! I had them refinish my tub shower in Portland OR and they did an amazing job. It was cheaper then the other company and they had a much much better warranty."
- D. Keller, Portland, Ore.

"My husband and I had our bathtub and sinks refinished by Bathroom Surface Solutions in Portland, OR. I was very impressed! So YES, I would recommend Bathroom Surface Solutions!"
- K. Snider, Portland, Ore.

"I had my tub done about a year ago and it has been holding up perfectly! I was very impressed with the work and how prompt and professional they were."
- Adam, Portland, Ore.

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Bathtub refinishing reduces your carbon footprint

It is true. Think of all of the energy that is used to make a new bathtub, and the space that a discarded-one takes up. No matter how worn out, damaged or hard-to-clean, Bathroom Surface Solutions restores surfaces to like new condition. Reducing carbon, as we go. All in just one day.

in a day

Counter-tops need new color ?

Counter-tops can have a fresh new look and with a new color, too. Because our stone-fleck style spray-on material comes in many colors, we can give your counter-tops a whole new look by changing the color of those old, outdated tiles and counter-tops.

For more information, contact us online or call.....We look forward to hearing from You!

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A tub story

Joy and Biff hadn’t met, yet they each lived in a sweet Victorian home and each had an old bathtub and tile surround that just wasn't up to snuff. Actually, their tubs weren’t very nice, because years of use had marred their surfaces with wear and stains.

One day, each decided to have their bathroom updated.

Lady IconJoy spoke with Bathroom Surface Solutions. She decided to have her avocado green old tub resurfaced to a happy brilliant white. A week later, a Bathroom Surface Solutions technician dressed in a space-suit, built a tent in her bathroom. He played and sprayed in there all day. When he left, Joy's bathroom was transformed into a clean new look and ready for use. A beautiful easy to clean bathtub in just one day!

Joy spent:
Clock Icon and Money Icon

And, now she bubble-baths with ice cream and candles.

Biff bought a new tub, then hired a contractor to remove the old tub, cart-it-away and install the new tub. After paying for the new tub, contractor, plumber fees and three weeks without a bathroom, Biff completed his project.

Biff spent:

And, now he bubble-baths with brandy and candles.

So, it seems that when it comes to an old worn bathtub that may be marred with stains or scratches, you can Biff it. Which is nice to do, and we can guide you on that. Or, you can joyously spend less and get more by resurfacing and speaking with Bathroom Surface Solutions.

According to the national-average to replace a bathtub is $3251, while bathtub refinishing, with Bathroom Surface Solutions is significantly less.


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